Who we are

Trufurn Manufacturing, the leader in the manufacturing of canteen, fiberglass units and school desks for more than 10 years. We cater for any business including mines, prisons, hospitals, colleges, universities and schools and have a good working relationship with all of them. As a company we offer you a product of the highest quality at very competitive prices.


Trufurn Manufacturing has been around for 10 years, Roelie Gericke co-director has been working with fibreglass for the last 35 years and comes with great wealth of experience and knowledge of both fibreglass and with furniture. Hardworking staff have almost the same experience and have shown lots of loyalty by moving wherever Mr Gericke has.

Trufurn Manufacturing is a well established company with great family values and have determined commitment in manufacturing a product we all believe very much in.

"...Ascot been a client to Trufurn for more than 20 years and would want to support and supply their product for 20 more years. This is the most competitive product in price and strength, to deal with staff who is always able and willing to support leave us with no alternative..."


Cecile Botha